Hi there!

I’m Chipo Faith and welcome to my space!

I’m so glad to have you here and I hope to see more of you in the (very) near future. I just want to take this brief moment to explain this blog:

Everyday Takes with Chipo Faith

This is the main reason why we’re all here. #ETCF is the hub for my 100-day blogging challenge where I will write and post original content for the next 100 days (and hopefully more afterward). This blog centers on these main topics: Personal Development, Current Affairs, Digital Media, and Tech. The goal is to stop keeping ideas in my mind and actually bring them on to paper.

New posts will be up from Mondays to Fridays for the next +/- 20 weeks and I’m excited to see where this journey goes.

The goal is to add my contribution to the world of relatable, engaging content from other black women creators like me. Most of my writing will be from this perspective (as it is the perspective I know best) and I look forward to the conversation we will create from here.

You are more than free to do the following:

Read the pieces and enjoy the experience.

Receive the message and process your feelings towards it.

Respond how you deem fit. So that could be through sharing, liking, subscribing, or commenting. Let’s keep things civil, okay?

I’m excited to have you here on this journey with me. It’s a beautiful one ahead and only the Lord knows how much will unravel and evolve within the next 100 days.